SLB Construction, Inc. offers a unique experience designed to ensure client satisfaction and provide maximum value. While every job is unique, it's important to understand how we work and how this benefits you. 

How we work:

  • Initial consultation: Meet with client to review opportunity, understand needs, and offer constructive & creative design inputs within the client's budget
  • Develop plans and drawings: To collaborate on the design and verify the projects is well understood by SLB Construction, Inc., our sub-contractors and the clients, we will develop plans and drawings with qualified draftsman and architects and review with key stakeholders
  • Collect sub-contractor bids: Key sub-contractors meet with SLB Construction, Inc. to provide us with their bids. SLB Construction, Inc. manages the sub-contracting bid process and verifies the bid meets the expectations of the client within the total project budget
  • Present final bid: SLB Construction, Inc. presents the final project bid to the client

    SLB Construction, Inc. believes in providing the most value to the client at every opportunity. The planning and bid process above is completed at no cost to the client. 
  • Sign contract: Only after all the above steps are complete will we sign a contract and agree on a start date